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The Complete Guide for Video Sharing

Video Sharing is a web based service to share and to watch videos online. It is very similar to the file sharing, but here the visitors of the web service can watch your videos immediately and right from the web service.

How it works:

  1. You can watch videos online, rate it or leave your comments.
  2. You can upload your video through web browser.
  3. Visitors can watch your uploaded videos immediately.
  4. You also can send your video link to your friends (for example, by email).

The following table summarizes the most known video sharing services. Notice that the PageRank is the good hint to the service popularity and it may change from time to time.

Video Sharing Service PageRank
youtube.com 5
dailymotion.com 4
metacafe.com 5
video.google.com 8
bolt.com 5
clickcaster.com 4
guba.com 3
ifilm.com 6
putfile.com 7
veoh.com 6
vmix.com 4
worldmadechannel.com 4
video.yahoo.com 6
iklipz.com 2

The Housekeeper Hint
Use video and audio editing software to make your videos more attractive and professional.